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What Do You Need For Body Beast?

What do you need for Body Beast? You need the right equipment, the right worksheets to track your progress, the right calendar, and above all, you need the right attitude. But what does all that mean to you?

What Do You Need For Body Beast? The Right Equipment

This workout is all about muscle gain. The only way to gain is by resistance. As Sagi says, “if you want to get big, you gotta lift big.” Simply put, you need dumbbells, and the EZ Curl Bar and plates. Most of the time, resistance bands are a good substitute for dumbbells, but not this time. Body Beast is not a general fitness workout program; it is a muscle building gantlet based on current hypertrophy science.

You are going to need a bench. Yes, the program does show the modification using the balance ball, but it is just not as good. You NEED the balance ball, but trust me, you WANT the bench. With the balance ball, you are creating a more unstable environment which means you’ll be using your core stabilization system during the exercise. This translates into lifting lighter weights, which you do not want. During any other program, this is a good thing, but during a hypertrophy program, it is bad. What do you need for Body Beast? To isolate your muscles to maximize hypertrophy results. You want big? Then get a bench.

Click here for a complete list of equipment needed for Body Beast.

What Do You Need For Body Beast? To Track Your Program Correctly.

To do this, you’ll need a program calendar. This comes with the program, but you can also find many excellent replacements and modifications online. More importantly, you need the best workout record sheets that exist, which I have right here. These Body Beast Worksheets are lightyears ahead of the competition and blow the official worksheets out of the water.

If you want continual improvement, you need to know where you’ve been. Having that data at your fingertips is crucial to maximizing your progress in each and every workout. Remember, you cannot know where you need to go if you do not know where you’ve been.

What Do You Need For Body Beast? Nutrition Shakeology.

You need to eat right. To do that in today’s world of nonstop motion, you need the right Shake. You need Shakeology, and I’m so confident you’ll love it, you’ll get your money back if you don’t. Are there other shakes out there? Sure. But just like everything else in this article, I only post the best. If you want to maximize your results, you need Shakeology to make your body move and grow.

What you don’t need, but should use, are the other Beachbody nutritional supplements to fuel and replenish your body before, during, and after workouts. Don’t just do the exercises, set your body up to destroy them with the right nutrition.

What Do You Need For Body Beast? The Right Attitude.

Let’s face it; your attitude is everything. What do you need for body beast if you do not have the right attitude? Nothing, because you cannot get the results you want without the attitude to get them. All the workout worksheets, calendars, coaches, trainers, and the best equipment means nothing if you don’t use them.

You must have the attitude of doing whatever it takes to succeed. You must carry with you the idea that you cannot fail because you will not quit. You must know in your heart and head that the only thing that can stop you is you. No excuse is strong enough, no setback big enough, and no obstacle tough enough to make you quit.

The only failure is when you quit and quitting is 100% a choice, a choice you will not make. When there is no quit in you, get ahold of me, and I’ll show you the rest. I cannot give you a winning attitude, but I can guide you through the Body Beast Program.

What do you need for Body Beast? Only everything it takes to succeed.