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Beast 5 – Body Beast 5 Day Schedule

“Beast 5” is a customized Body Beast 5 day schedule that includes 5 workouts per week with two days of rest and recovery.  This is a modification to the original Body Beast Schedule that calls for 6 workouts per week with only one rest day.

Important: This Body Beast 5 Day is a Compromise!

Like I say will all of my Beachbody schedule hybrids and alterations, this is a compromise.  Each program on Beachbody on Demand was created as a standalone program that includes calendars and schedules specifically designed by the experts to work specifically with that program.  Obviously, you will be doing 12 fewer workouts during a 12 week period so take that into consideration. Nothing I create will ever be “better” than them but they just might be better for you and your situation at this time.

Who is this Body Beast 5 Day Schedule For?

Beast 5 is for people like me, people that have completed Body Beast and are excited to do another round but feel they need an extra day of rest and recovery.  I’m in my late 40’s and my body simply doesn’t recovery as it used to and I found myself breaking down fairly quickly during my last few attempts at Body Beast.  Or perhaps you are extremely busy and need the flexibility of having that extra day off just to catch up on life.

Body Beast 5 Day Schedule Rest Days

I have set the Body Beast 5 rest days for Wednesdays and Sundays.  I’ve been doing Beachbody workouts for over 13 years and have been training in general for 30 years and I find these are the best days for me, especially since I do my meal prep on Sundays.

Rest days are for rest!  Muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen, and built during rest.

That said, I do recommend utilizing a Beachbody recovery and mobility workout once per week.  There are several on Beachbody on Demand to choose from but my favorites are from the 645 program, hands down!

What the Body Beast 5 Day Schedule is Not!

Honestly, it makes me cringe when I see some of the other DIY schedules out there!  It appears that many people just throw two or three programs into a blender and just serve up whatever comes out.  I will never do that.

It’s important to me that I create something that follows best practices for resting muscle groups and includes effective sequencing.  In this case, it wasn’t really that difficult due to the way the original Body Beast was laid out but careful consideration was still put into this before I made it public.

Body Beast 5 Day Schedule Notes:

While Sagi has created some amazing add-ons to Body Beast inside Beachbody on Demand like Beast Up and A Week of Hard Labor, I tried to stay as true to the original Body Beast format as possible.  You will notice, however, that there is one option for A Week of Hard Labor: Shoulders and Arms during the next to last week.  This is because, by the nature of the way the schedule at to be structured, shoulders do get squeezed out of the week.  I do recommend using the AWOHL Shoulders and Arms on this day but if you are still SUPER old-school and using those ancient DVDs, just go with Bulk Arms or if you are a real animal, add Bulk Shoulders as well.

Bonus: Download my Body Beast 5 day schedule and receive famous improved Body Beast worksheets for free!



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