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21 Day Fix Worksheets

21 Day Fix Worksheets

The 21 Day Fix Worksheets are designed to go along with the 21 Day Fix Program created by Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody. But that’s probably pretty obvious. You may have been looking for worksheets and unable to find them. Unlike most Beachbody Programs, this one doesn’t come with anything more than a checklist. But why? The program uses weights designated “light” and “heavy” in the program. But what does that mean to you? Are you obsessed with knowing how much weight you’re using, how many reps you do, and your overall fitness progress? I am!


The 21 Day Fix Worksheets I’ve created here are designed to go with the entire program on one sheet. No more single sheet nonsense or just a regular old checklist. These sheets cover all of the program plus one week for program overlap or just going that extra round. Beachbody makes excellent programs, supplements – including Shakeology – and equipment. But sometimes they don’t see the need for solid program worksheets. But you do.

These 21 Day Fix Worksheets: Improved

These are another in a series of improved worksheets to better aid you in your program and fitness progress. And if you have any suggestions for something you’d like to see created, just let me know.

Looking for 21 Day Fix Extreme worksheets instead? My teammate Jason Rozinka has them for you HERE.

Are the worksheets enough for you? Want to push yourself farther with the accountability of a challenge group? My free challenge groups work with you, the 21 Day Fix, the 21 Day Fix Worksheets, and Shakeology to push your results to the max.


Yup. You heard me right. I have challenge groups starting each month, and all you need to do is let me know you’re up for the challenge. If you think you’re ready, I’ll help guide you through 21 days creating a healthy fitness habit and starting you down a fitness lifestyle change.

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