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Beast 4 – Body Beast and LIIFT4 Hybrid Schedule

Body Beast LIIFT4 Hybrid Schedule

“Beast 4” is a Body Beast and LIIFT 4 hybrid schedule that lasts six weeks and contains four workouts per week.  This Beast and LIIFT 4 hybrid actually utilizes workouts from Body Beast, Beast UP, A Week of Hard Labor and LIIFT4.

Who is this Beast and LIIFT4 Hybrid For?

Beast 4 is for people like me, people that have completed both Body Beast and LIIFT 4 separately multiple times and want to freshen things up by combining these two awesome programs along with Sagi’s exclusive complimentary workouts from Beachbody on Demand.

Disclaimer:  As with any hybrid schedule, you will probably NOT get the same results with this Beast and LIIFT4 hybrid schedule as you will with doing each program separately!  Beachbody programs are designed as stand-alone programs.  My hybrids and any other you come across is meant to keep things fresh and keep you going.  That said, you will still see GREAT results if you follow the schedule, workout hard and most importantly, follow the meal plan!

What Will You Need For the Beast and LIIFT4 Hybrid?

To complete the Beast 4 Hybrid you will need the following:

Optional but recommended:

Ready to Rock Beast 4?

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