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P90X Workout Schedules

P90X Workout Schedules

P90X Schedule Options for Your Fitness Journey

When it comes to transforming your body and achieving peak fitness, P90X is a name that’s become synonymous with success. But did you know that there are different P90X schedules tailored to specific fitness goals? Whether you’re looking to build muscle, shed pounds, or simply improve your overall fitness, there’s a P90X schedule for you. In this article, we’ll explore four different options, including the classic, lean, doubles, and the custom P90X Mass schedule, a creation attributed to the late, great Steve Edwards.

  1. P90X Classic Schedule: The Standard Transformation

The P90X Classic schedule is the flagship program that introduced millions to the world of extreme home fitness. This schedule combines strength training, cardio, yoga, and plyometrics to create a well-rounded fitness routine. If you’re looking for a balanced transformation, this is the schedule for you.

The P90X Classic schedule is structured over 90 days, with each day targeting a different area of your body. It’s designed to help you build lean muscle, increase endurance, and improve your overall fitness. This schedule provides a solid foundation for those new to P90X.

  1. P90X Lean Schedule: Focused on Getting Lean

If your primary goal is to shed unwanted body fat and create a lean, toned physique, the P90X Lean schedule is your ideal choice. This schedule places a greater emphasis on cardio and fat-burning workouts while still incorporating strength training and flexibility exercises.

P90X Lean is perfect for individuals who want to boost their metabolism, increase calorie burn, and lose weight. It’s a 90-day program that will leave you feeling lighter and more energized as you shed those extra pounds.

The iconic image from the program that started a home fitness revolution.

  1. P90X Doubles Schedule: For the Fitness Enthusiast

Are you someone who thrives on pushing their limits? If so, the P90X Doubles schedule might be just what you’re looking for. As the name suggests, this program takes the intensity of P90X to the next level by adding an extra workout to your daily routine.

P90X Doubles is not for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for those who want faster results or enjoy an extreme fitness challenge. This schedule is designed to accelerate your fitness journey, but be prepared to dedicate significant time and effort.

  1. Custom P90X Mass Schedule: Sculpting with Steve Edwards

The Custom P90X Mass schedule is a unique and personalized approach to P90X, attributed to the late fitness guru, Steve Edwards. This schedule is specially designed for individuals who want to add more muscle mass to their frame while following the P90X principles.


Whether you’re aiming for a classic transformation, a leaner physique, a challenge through P90X Doubles, or the unique muscle-building approach of the Custom P90X Mass schedule, there’s a P90X schedule tailored to your needs. Remember that consistency, proper nutrition, and dedication are key to success with any of these schedules. Choose the one that aligns with your goals, and let the P90X program guide you toward a healthier, fitter you.

P90X Workout Schedule

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