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P90X Workout Schedules

P90X Workout Schedules

Plan Your Transformation With a Printable P90X Workout Schedule

The P90X workout schedules were explicitly designed by Tony Horton to maximize results and minimize the plateau effect using the philosophy of muscle confusion.  The P90X program comes with three different P90x workout schedules you can choose from based on your goals.

I have created a fourth P90X mass workout schedule called “Mass -X” for those looking to focus on building muscle mass with P90X.  This particular schedule was designed based on an article written by Beachbody fitness and nutrition expert Steve Edwards.

The iconic image from the program that started a home fitness revolution.


Different P90X Workout Schedules for Different Goals!

Let’s take a look at these different P90X schedules so you can decide which one to go with for the next 90 days.

P90X Classic Workout Schedule

The P90X Classic Workout Schedule is what I recommend for everyone doing the program for the first time.  This P90X calendar is by far the most popular option and will be used by the majority of P90Xers regardless of what round of the program they are on.

This standard version of the program includes three days of resistance training with free weights and/or resistance bands and pull-up bars.  With the P90X Classic schedule, you will also be doing two days of cardio, and one day of yoga with one day where you choose between a stretching workout or a full rest day.

P90X Lean Workout Schedule

The P90X Lean Workout Schedule is for those that want more of a cardio-based and slightly less intensive program.  Don’t get me wrong, the P90X Lean is still very challenging.  With this P90X lean plan, you may sacrifice some strength and speed gains but you may see more positive change in lean body mass.

P90X Doubles Schedule

Just as the name implies, the P90X Doubles Workout Schedule involves two workouts on multiple days of the week, one A.M. and one P.M.  This P90X workout schedule is for those that want to add extra cardiovascular work to the equation.  Anyone attempting this P90X plan should be completely injury-free and have plenty of energy to knock out two P90X workouts in one day.

P90X Mass Schedule

The P90X Mass Workout Schedule or “Mass-X” as I call it, is for those that want to pack on more muscle with P90X.  I devised this one myself based on an article by the late, great Steve Edwards who I considered to be one of my first mentors with Beachbody.  Be prepared to lift heavy… heavy enough that you can only finish 4-6 reps.

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