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P90X Workout Schedules

Plan Your Transformation With P90X Workout Schedules

The P90X workout schedules were designed specifically by Tony Horton to maximize results  and minimize the plateau effect using the philosophy of muscle confusion.  The P90X program comes with three different P90x workout schedules you can choose from based on your goals.  I have created a fourth P90X workout schedule called “Mass -X” for those looking to focus on building muscle mass with P90X.  This particular schedule was designed based on an article written by Beachbody fitness and nutrition expert Steve Edwards.

Different P90X Workout Schedules for Different Goals!

The first of the P90X workout schedules, “P90X Classic” covers the entire fitness spectrum and will help you build muscle, burn fat, while increasing flexibility and athletic performance.  The  “lean ” P90x workout schedule focuses a bit more on fat burning cardio so if your primary goal is to lose fat to become leaner, you may want to follow the “lean” P90X workout schedule.   P90X Doubles is the third of P90X workout schedules that are included with P90X.  This schedule is for those who have finished at least one round of P90X and are ready to amp things up with two workouts per day. In addition to the three P90X Workout Schedules that com with the program, I have also designed a P90X workout schedule for those whose primary goal is to gain mass.

★ P90X Classic
★ P90X Lean
★ P90X Doubles
★ P90X Mass

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