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Body Beast Workout Program

I Promise You Will Turn Heads

What is the Body Beast workout?

The Body Beast workout is a powerful fat-burning, muscle-defining, weight-training home workout program that can help you get completely ripped and chiseled in just 90 days. Created by Sagi Kalev, world-renowned trainer and former two-time Mr. Israel, Body Beast combines extreme workouts, groundbreaking nutrition, and scientifically advanced supplementation.

Whether you’re new to lifting weights or are a certified gym rat, Body Beast will deliver results beyond what you imagined possible.

• Body Beast workout program includes 12 different cutting-edge workouts (plus many bonus workouts) that fuse the best of old-school resistance training with a new breakthrough in sports science called Dynamic Set Training®.

• Increases in resistance, power, tempo, and volume lead to greater lean muscle
gain and fast results.

• The Body Beast Eating Plan helps you strip away the fat, while carving
lean muscle.

Body Beast is the first training regimen designed to get you a head-turning physique—in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to join a gym, hire a spotter, or have an Olympic weight-lifting set. With dumbbells, the correct nutrition, and the desire to work hard, the Body Beast workout program will help you get completely shredded and help you carve contoured muscles, without spending thousands on a personal trainer or an expensive gym membership. And the best part is, Sagi Kalev will motivate and inspire you, as he has done for countless professional bodybuilders over the last few decades.

Why Body Beast workout program instead of a gym?

  • You’ll add muscle at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.
  • You’re not just working your muscles, you get an in-depth bodybuilding education that you can use long after you’ve completed the program.
  • The Body Beast Eating Plan shows you a healthy, delicious way to eat that will help you build muscle fast—and maintain that muscle for the long haul.
  • The plan also shows you how to supplement safely and effectively.
  • Pacing is the key.  Workout at home means you will be able to follow the sequencing of the moves properly and stay “on-time” to maintain time under tension during dynamic sets.  No waiting for equipment or distractions from gym-goers!

Body Beast Workout Creator





Why is the Body Beast workout program so effective?

Body Beast takes body transformation to the level of pure science. Every workout, every
meal, and every rep is laser-focused on using the latest exercise science to give you a state-of-the-art physique. You’ll turn heads, whether you’re a guy wanting to go from Regular Joe to JACKED . . . or a woman wanting to go from Ho-Hum to HOTTIE.

The secret is Dynamic Set Training. Body Beast combines proven training strategies—from
Pre-Fatigue Sets to Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and Force Sets—creating greater time under
tension and a faster and more effective workout. It’s not easy—but you can strip away the fat and add incredible definition to your whole body.

Body Beast Workout Before and After John

What makes the Body Beast workout program unique?

The three phases. Body Beast has three specially designed phases, with corresponding nutrition phases, to help you Build, Bulk, and become a Beast. Build, the first phase, focuses on creating a strong foundation physically and nutritionally, while getting your head in the game for Phase 2. Bulk, the second phase, is where size begins to show and your body really begins to change. And Beast, the final phase, is where you cut up, get chiseled, and get ready for competition. In just 90 days, you truly can become a Beast.

Can I stream my Body Beast workouts?

Yes! If you are a Beachbody On Demand member, you can stream Body Beast and hundreds of Beachbody workouts. In fact, that is the only way to use Body Beast these days as the Body Beast DVDs are no longer available.  Access Beachbody On Demand via any TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device—wherever you have an internet connection.

Body Beast Workout Before and After Brooke

Build muscle and shred fat at any age.

Body Beast takes the guesswork out of getting in the most incredible, jaw-dropping, physically strong shape of your life.  This program’s breakthrough training method combines tried and-true exercises with proven sports science to give you the body you’ve always wanted.

Equipment needed

  • Bench or Premium Stability Ball
  • EZ-Curl Bar with weight plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Chin-Up Bar or resistance bands w/ door attachment

“If you want the kind of results you’re capable of, you have to push yourself . . . hard. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes.”

Body Beast Workout Before and After Daniel

Order through this site and receive my custom Body Beast worksheets!

My now world-famous Body Beast workout sheets are yours with a free download.  These have been downloaded thousands of times across the world and will help you track your progress through the Body Beast workout program.  Not only are they more efficient than the originals from Beachbody but they use a fraction of the paper and ink!

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Body Beast workout sheets

Beachbody on Demand + Performance Pack

  • Annual Membership to Beachbody On Demand includes streaming access to Body Beast, plus dozens of other world-class Beachbody programs. Your membership also includes access to Beachbody’s cooking show—FIXATE®.
  • Beachbody Performance™ Energize—A pre-workout supplement formulated with key ingredients scientifically shown to help improve intense exercise performance. Caffeine from green tea leaf and coffee bean to help sharpen focus and reaction time and contribute to an increase in endurance performance and capacity.*
  • Beachbody Performance Recover—A delicious post-workout supplement that contains a protein blend that includes whey protein, pea protein, casein protein, BCAAs, and pomegranate extract. Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones. Protein consumed after exercise supports muscle protein synthesis and growth.

My recommendation for those that have their nutrition in check and what to boost their performance and improve recovery and muscle soreness.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning this high-intensity and physically demanding exercise program and nutrition plan, or using any supplement or meal replacement product, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical condition, or are taking any medication.

Beachbody On Demand + Shakeology Pack

• Annual Membership to Beachbody On Demand includes streaming access to Body Beast,
plus dozens of other world-class Beachbody programs. Your membership also includes access to Beachbody’s cooking show—FIXATE®.

• Downloadable digital copies of program materials (including my custom worksheets and hybrid schedules).

• Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology—the most delicious, nutrient-dense superfood
protein supplement shake on the planet—so whether you drink it to help support your fitness program or just to support your health, Shakeology is Your Daily Dose of Dense
Nutrition®. Combine your favorite fitness program with the power of Shakeology’s ultrapremium nutrition—delivered on our monthly subscription program which you can cancel at any time.

• Portion Fix®—an easy-to-follow system with seven color-coded containers, a Shakeology
shaker cup, and nutrition guide

My recommendation for those that struggle with overall nutrition and are simply looking to get healthier or lose fat while building muscle. 

All of my customers are invited to join one of my accountability groups.  Hang out in a place where your desired behavior is the norm!


– Chad Pink