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P90X Mass Schedule

P90X Mass Schedule

Pack on Muscle with the P90X Mass Schedule

One of the more common questions being asked of me as a Team Beachbody Coach lately is “can I gain mass with P90X?” The answer is a resounding YES, you can using the P90X Mass Schedule (a.k.a. Mass-X)  however, you will have to tailor your approach to both the workouts and your nutrition in order to gain mass with P90X.

By design, P90X is a comprehensive program designed to improve ALL areas of fitness without specifically targeting one goal. This appeals to the vast majority of people who chose the number one selling home fitness program to become more fit. However, there is a segment of P90Xers who would like to focus on gaining MASS withP90X even if that means compromising fitness goals in other areas. Simply put, it is very difficult to add and subtract at the same time. So if your primary goal is to gain mass with P90X, then you need to alter the program and your approach.

Lift Heavy With P90X the P90X Mass Schedule!

The first step to gaining mass with P90X is to use heavier resistance! You will need to find a way to make your body fail at a lower number of repetitions. The easiest way to do this is to use heavier dumbbells when applicable. Other forms of resistance such as resistance bands can work but dumbbells would be preferred.

For exercises such as push-ups, where dumbbells are not an option, you can try using a weighted vest. In addition, push-up bars will help you achieve a greater range of motion and better form which can help you achieve your goal of making your muscles fail at a lower rep count. The number of reps used to gain mass with P90x will be outlined in the Mass-X Schedule below.

P90X Mass Schedule


Eat More!

Secondly, you will need to consume more calories. With less cardio and lower rep counts you will be burning fewer calories with the P90X Mass Schedule as opposed to the classic P90X schedule but since your goal is to gain mass with P90X you will want to consider adding at least 500 calories to your normal intake. This could lead to some increased body fat which may or may not be acceptable for you but your primary goal should be to add size now. You can lean out on your next round if you wish or adjust your nutrition if you are feeling too “soft”.

Follow the P90X Mass Schedule for 90 Days

Now it’s time to tie it all together. I built the P90X Mass Schedule based on the teachings of Beachbody fitness expert Steve Edwards. To gain mass with P90X you will be performing as few as 4-6 reps on some moves but you are not going to start off with that as your target right away. The P90X Mass Schedule is designed, like P90X to avoid plateaus and to also provide you with adequate recovery time. Follow the steps below to receive your free copy of the P90X Mass Schedule. Get pumping!

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