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9 Week Control Freak

Powerful, Innovative, and Shockingly Effective

Work Smarter & Harder, Not Longer

You’ll work out 5 days a week in 3 phases, 3 weeks each, that increase in intensity for max results. Just 18 to 30 minutes can help trigger more muscle growth and incinerate more calories than many people get in an hour at the gym. You’ll track your personal best each day on your Brag Board, to make sure get the most out of the moves. But fitness alone won’t get you the body you crave.

What You Eat Matters… a Lot

Feeding your body well plays a role in training and leading a healthy lifestyle. Autumn recommends Ultimate Portion Fix®, her breakthrough nutrition program that takes the guesswork out of eating the right portions every time. She’s packed the program with tons of recipes, tips, and strategies for staying on-track. 2B Mindset® is another powerful option. Add Nutrition+™ and stay on-track with even more recipes, meal plans, and exclusive access to a community with the same goals as you.

The First Fitness Program that Helps You Sleep & Recover

On workout days, Controlled Stretch routines take you through restorative, light stretching and breathing exercises to help you prepare for better sleep and recovery. You’ll help boost blood flow, ease muscle tension, and enhance your natural repair processes for better results so you’re ready to give everything to your next workout.

No Access to Equipment?  No Problem!

While the Control Track, Core Ball and Beachbody step are fundamental to the effectiveness and efficiency of the program, with 9 Week Control Freak: Off the Wall, a dumbbells-only option gives more people an opportunity to try the program. This alternate program will include five routines that represent each phase of the program (15 total workouts).

Take Control Today!