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If you fully commit to my challenge groups, you can triple your chances for success. Want to lose weight, get in shape, gain some muscle, and start eating healthier? My monthly online challenge groups provide critical tools for your success. You’ll get motivated, challenged, and supported no matter what program you use.

I start a fresh one each month. Studies suggest it takes about three weeks to form a habit; I want my full focus on you until you’ve transformed your commitment into a habit. A Beachbody Challenge group will not only motivate and support you with your program but does it with privacy in mind. In small, private groups, you’ll receive individual support from the group and me. 



Why Challenge Groups Work

Studies have found that weight-loss programs that involve a third party that holds you accountable, as opposed to you going it alone, may significantly improve your chances of reaching your goals.

Research by the International Journal of Consumer Studies also found social-networking groups provide four main types of support: emotional, instrumental, informational, and affirmation.


Trust and empathy are often huge factors in a person’s weight-loss journey. My groups can help create a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to ask questions and provide emotional support along the way.

As a result, Challenge Groups are great for both beginners as well as those who never miss a chance to work out.


Coaches provide their challengers with assignments, worksheets, and tools to lead them to success. Challengers are encouraged to actively engage with the group on a daily basis by uploading post-workout selfies, meal prep photos, and more.


There are more than 30 Beachbody workout programs, and there’s sure to be at least one that will fit your fitness needs and preferences. My teammates and I are there to give you the information you need to not only understand the program you’re using, but also to help you select the program that’s right for you to reach your specific goals.


Sticking to a challenge takes dedication and participating in a Challenge Group gives you the affirmation you need to keep going. Missed a workout? Didn’t stick to the meal plan for a few days?

Your Challenge Group and your Team Beachbody Coach can help give you the motivation you need to pick up where you left off. Once you’ve completed the Challenge Group, your Coach can help you choose your next program so you can maintain your results.

In a world with countless distractions, a Challenge Group is a place where you can focus 100 percent on your goals and feel supported as you strive to reach them.


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