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The ULTIMATE Fitness Secret

Are you ready to learn the greatest fitness secret ever?  It’s the one I have been sharing with my clients for years.  Those who get it succeed, those who don’t, fail.

One of the greatest benefits I have received from becoming a Team Beachbody Coach is understanding the value of daily personal development.  I was NOT a reader.  I thought motivational audio was dorky.  I resisted it all.  However, once I am embraced it, my life changed.  One of the first books I read that helped me see the world (and myself) in a different way was The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  After reading that book I subscribed to Hardy’s daily motivational updates.  I HIGHLY recommend doing HERE.

Sometimes Darren’s concepts are profound and new to me.  Other times, he seems to take thoughts that I have had for years and delivers them in a way that I never could.  This video is an example of the latter.  This is what I have been trying tell people about fitness (and life) for years.  Honestly, I am awful on video, so I will let Darren Hardy give you the ultimate fitness secret!

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