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How Does 21 Day Fix Work?

So, Exactly How Does 21 Day Fix Work?

I often hear clients and coaches ask “How does  21 Day Fix work?” And I typically start with the same response. Because you work it! Of course, that’s not the question they or you are asking. You want to know the nuts and bolts of how this program is put together. But first, I want to build on the idea of you working it.

Any program is only as good as the participant who follows it. You only reach your goals by following the guidelines that are laid out in the exercises, the cookbooks, the guides, the videos. The results you WILL get after only 21 days are because you followed the program and developed healthy habits. You’re the reason you lost weight and got in shape, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Beachbody programs lay out the plan; you do the work.

So how does 21 Day Fix work? Let’s break it down into two parts: the exercises and the nutrition.

21 Day Fix Workouts.

There are two workout programs you can get into, the standard routines and the extreme routines. Unless you’re advanced with your fitness, start with the standard routines. The 21-Day Fix comes with 6 workouts. These workouts are: Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Body Fix, Lower Body Fix, and Yoga Fix. These routines are laid out in the calendar to work your whole body on a rotating basis. Follow the guide and press play. Once you’ve gone through the standard routines, then you can take on the extreme versions, but that’s a topic for another time.

21 Day Fix Nutrition

This is where we answer how 21 Day Fix works. You may often hear that you get fit in the gym, but you lose weight (or gain weight) in the kitchen. Most Beachbody programs include a nutrition guide that is often ignored or only referred to once or twice. Like the fitness guide coming with a set of DVD’s that walk you through the programs, the nutrition guide now comes with a set of color-coded portion control containers to walk you through the nutrition.

Gone are the days of counting calories or weighing food on a scale. Now we simply choose food from a list of approved foods and put them into a color coded container. The guide that comes with the program will let you know how many containers to use and when to use them. You just put the food in and go. This simplified method may not be as exact as counting calories, but it does some things better than older methods. With this method, you focus on your day, on eating real food, on learning what real foods look like and the approximate size of portions you need.

How Does 21 Day Fix Work?

It works simply, by teaching you to be healthy. It works by combining a scheduled workout program with color coded portion control containers with a healthy food list. The simple two-part system is easy to follow and sure to work.

This system teaches you a way to eat. So all you have to do is follow the guide that comes with your program, put in the disc the calendar calls for and fill your portion control containers with the foods on the list and you’ll see results in just three weeks. Better yet, you’re learning healthy habits that you can continue with the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Want more variety? Try the Fixate Cookbook: 101 approved recipes for this program. Want more variety or just want to play with your food? Check out this cookbook to expand your 21 Day Fix program.