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This Supplement Will Not Be Duplicated

World’s Healthiest Ingredients

The nutrition is business is full of “me too” drinks, powders and pills.  Virtually every company out there has a product line much like the next.  There is one supplement out there that I just don’t see any competition for, Shakeology.  The main reason for this that with Shakeology, Beachbody has done something completely out of the box when it comes to the nutritional supplement business.  Rather than focusing on sales volume achieved through keeping the price of Shakeology down with the use of cheaper, unnatural ingredients, Beachbody went completely in the other direction.  Instead of worrying about the price point, the creators of Shakeology focused on finding the highest quality “super foods” in the world regardless of where they were and how much it costs to get them.  No fillers.  Nothing artificial.

A Gamble

Taking this approach was not only unheard of but it was a rather large gamble for the home fitness company.  Think about it, Beachbody was already a $400 million/year company thanks to their wildly successful programs like P90X, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer and Slim in 6 to name a few.  They could have just rested on those laurels or just created another run of the mill product and relied on their brand to generate sales.  Instead Beachbody got aggressive and decided to stop at nothing to create the healthiest meal of the day.  At $4 per serving, this could have completely backfired.  Luckily, thousands and thousands of people understand the extreme value of Shakeology based on the ingredients and have decided to receive monthly shipments of Shakeology.  I was introduced to Team Beachbody with P90X and although that program changed my life, Beachbody’s “quality first” approach with Shakeology is what cemented my belief in the company.

More is More!

Often times with the organic, natural movement in nutrition, you hear “less is more”.  This is very true when you are talking about artificial sweeteners, fillers and processed “foodstuffs”.  You won’t find those in Shakeology.  Less is more is certainly not true when you are talking about the all natural super foods in Shakeology. When it comes natural, healthy ingredients, more is more!

Where Do They Find Ingredients for Shakeology?

This video highlights just a small portion of co-creator Daren Olien’s adventures as he hunted for Shakeology ingredients to make it the healthiest meal of the day.

I believe 100% in this product and I will be glad to share more thoughts about it.  If you have questions for comments, just leave them below.

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