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They Won’t Care What You Look Like Tomorrow

Bridezilla_main-425x282I am always glad to help anyone with their health and fitness goals.  If your goal is to look good in a dress at a friend’s wedding in 3 months, I can help you. If you are going on a tropical vacation and want to look better in your bikini, I can help you.  HOWEVER, I hope your “why” develops into something much deeper along the way, something much more long-term, something far more meaningful.  I have news for you, most people, even if they say otherwise, really don’t give a rat’s arse what you look like at that one event.  They are worried about what THEY look like and what is for dessert or maybe how they will get home.

Looking slammin’ in that dress will make you feel good for one night and make for some good pictures but what happens when the weekend is over?  Do you look on the calendar for the next event to make an impression at ?  Do you see if you have enough time to “slack off” and if so, when do you have to jump back on the wagon again?  My hope, my wish, for you is that you make daily exercise and proper nutrition a lifestyle.  Sure you can have short-term goals along the way but to be truly valuable, your ‘why” has to based on longevity and quality of life!

Push play because you know it will make function better, move better, think better and feel better for the rest of your life!