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Hammer and Chisel Equipment You Need

You don’t need gimmicky equipment to get a solid workout every time. You also don’t need program specific equipment that you might use twice and toss in a dusty corner. A good trainer or sales rep is going to point you towards the items you can use over and over. The requirements for the Master’s Hammer and Chisel equipment, the stuff you really need, is pretty simple. A bench, some weight, and a solid pull up bar. Also useful, and used in the workouts, are the B-Line Resistance Bands and the Pull-Up Assist.


Master’s Hammer and Chisel Equipment: The Bench

Powerblock for Hammer and Chisel Equipment

There are a few choices of workout bench. While none of them are wrong, not all benches are created equal. The one I recommend is the Powerblock Pro Adjustable Bench. This bench, used by the Master’s Hammer and Chisel (Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese), is built to last and handle the most brutal punishment. It lets you get into the positions you need and the angles that make the difference.

The construction is second to none and the size makes it capable of rolling out of the way when you don’t need it. It’s not just a bench, though; it’s also a stable platform you can use for the step ups and the step overs. You may have been able to get away with using that old folding chair until now, but it’s time to upgrade. Get this essential piece to the Master’s Hammer and Chisel equipment set.

Master’s Hammer and Chisel Equipment: The Weight

You have a few options here. If you have the room and the budget, get a good set of rubber coated hex dumbells. But if you’re like the rest of us, get one of these two space-saving and budget friendly options: The Powerblock Dumbells or the Bowflex Selectech Dumbells. Each has advantages and disadvantages, choose what works for you.

Bowflex Selectech Dumbbells - Hammer and Chisel Equipment

Bowflex Selectech Dumbbells

The Selectech Dumbells from Bowflex are the much faster and more convenient option. These adjust from 5 to 52.5 lbs. This is an excellent set to start. It features a much faster option for changing weights between sets. Just put the handle in the cradle and turn a knob – nothing simpler or faster than that. The main drawback is a lack of expansion capability.


Powerblock Dumbells - Hammer and Chisel Equipment

Powerblock Dumbells

Nothing beats the Powerblock Dumbells for durability and expandability. These adjust from 3 to 130 lbs. depending on the set you choose (19 options). They feature a handle with adjustable internal weights and weight plates on the outside for quick and simple weight changes. The downside is the time it takes to adjust the internal weights. However, because they are square, they make excellent push up stands – doing those renegade rows has never been easier. Powerblocks are also expandable. By just purchasing an add-on set of plates you can take your basic set up a notch, all the way to 130 lbs. in each hand!

Any way you look at it, and whatever set you choose, the dumbbell is a necessary part of the Master’s Hammer and Chisel equipment toolbox.

Master’s Hammer and Chisel Equipment: The Bar

P90X Chin-Up Bar - Hammer and Chisel EquipmentIf you’re like most of us, you don’t have a full gym in your garage with a built in pull-up bar. Here’s the solution. The P90X Chin-Up Bar features some of the toughest chin up construction in the business. With a single bar construction and 8 different grip positions, you’re sure to get the workout you need with any program.

The pull-up is an essential body weight exercise found in many exercise programs around the world. It’s there because it works. You will see the pull-up and chin-up in most workouts you do. It’s necessary to get a bar that gets the job done. If you can afford to put a permanent one in your personal gym, do it, but if not, get this.

But wait, pull-ups are tough! What about when you’re just starting out? That’s where the pull-up assist comes into play. This semi-essential piece of the Master’s Hammer and Chisel equipment set is just a smart addition to your workout success toolbox. Fully adjustable, this strap lets you slowly progress to doing full-range, assist free pull ups.

Other Stuff:

B-line resistance bands

You don’t absolutely need these bands, but as they are used in most of the workouts, it’s a good idea. Do you want to maximize your workouts and see results faster? If you said yes, then these will help. From warmups and post-workout stretching to pre-muscle fatigue and an alternative iso-hold for chin-ups, these bands deliver. Having a set lets you easily switch resistance on the fly.

Comfort Core Mat

This mat is excellent before, during, and after a workout to keep you safe and happy during those floor movements. Not a yoga mat. It’s thicker and smaller, made for keeping you cushioned during stretching, warm-ups, and core exercises. It keeps the impacts to a minimum and the floor free from your sweat.