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Shakeology Ingredients – Hilarious Tony Horton Video

Tony Horton Rings Up the Value on Shakeology Ingredients

tony at grocery storeA lot people thought Beachbody was crazy when they broke the mold of traditional “health shakes” and made Shakeology with the best of the best healthy ingredients and “superfoods” from around the world.  Obviously, creating a product with the world’s healthiest ingredients while using no filler and nothing artificial is going to cost more  to produce than your average meal-replacement supplement.  Of course, that means that it will cost the consumer more as well.  Skeptics thought there wasn’t a market for a product like this.  They thought wrong.  Shakeology is now Beachbody’s top-selling continuity product.

In the video below Tony Horton uses his trademark humor to show what a great value Shakeology and Shakeology ingredients really are.

Tony Horton makes a point about the nutrition value that is Shakeology


Will Shakeology actually save you money on your grocery bill?

For me, the answer was a resounding “yes”.  I found that Shakeology was actually saving me money each month because not only did it replace a meal, but it also replaced my mult-vitamin, a serving of protein powder and the “greens” formula I was taking.  In fact, in most cases just replacing the meal alone produced a savings.  Whether using Shakeology will save you money depends on what you are currently eating and what supplements you are using but I suspect that for the average American, reallocating funds that you already spend on less-healthy items to Shakeology will not only make you healthier but might do the same for your bank account.

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