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Power 90: A Great Alternative to P90X

The P90X program is one of the most highly intensive workout programs available, using an extreme workout schedule over the course of 90 days that sculpts your body into a lean, muscled machine that is strong and powerful. However, not everyone wants to, or even can, train with such a physically challenging workout, so what’s the alternative?  The Power 90 program is an excellent alternative to P90X as it still gives you great results, but without the long and highly intensive workouts.

As an alternative to P90X, the Power 90 program is perfect for those who are beginners, people who haven’t worked out in a year or more, those who were unable to pass the P90X Fit Test or simply individuals who just want shorter, less intense workouts. The Power 90 program has shorter, less extreme workouts than P90X with only 5 workouts versus the 12 of P90X, has a shorter workout time of 30-45minutes and requires less equipment than P90X as well, so the program can be used easily and quickly for sculpting your body and getting into shape. Power 90 is also a great alternative to P90X if you are on a budget, as it costs half the price of the P90X program.

Personally, I like to use Power 90 as a maintenance program between my rounds of more extreme programs like P90X, Insanity and Insanity:  The Asylum.


Power 90 is great alternative to P90X if:

  • You are a fitness beginner
  • You have not worked out regularly in over one year
  • You are on a limited budget
  • You did not pass the P90X Fit Test
  • You are between rounds of P90X or another extreme program
Did you know P90X stands for “Power 90 Extreme” and is the more extreme successor to Power 90.  You can think of Power 90 as the gateway to P90X.

Choosing the Power 90 program as an alternative to P90X is a smart choice if you are ready to get serious about your health and fitness but you don’t feel you are prepared for P90X. With the Power 90 program you can start the process of sculpting your body into the image you want and getting a healthier as well, and isn’t that what working out is ultimately about?

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