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P90X Plyometrics List

Looking for the P90X Plyometrics list but can’t find it?

Look no further, here’s the list in PDF format so you can keep it handy on your phone. Take the P90X Plyometrics list of moves with you wherever you go. Having Beachbody on Demand is great, but it may not work where you are, or you may just be looking for a quick workout. This P90X Plyometrics list will definitely come in handy to drive the excuses away and get some sweat dripping.

But how should you use it? Easy, just follow the rounds, repeating each round on the P90X Plyometrics list two times. Or, if you’re in a hurry and need an abbreviated workout, simply hit each round up once. The move descriptions aren’t on the list – you really should be doing the workouts with the trainer video’s first to learn how to do them correctly. This workout is very high impact – nothing wrong with that so long as you follow the correct form and hit the ground like a cat. Because these are so high impact, make sure you take the time to follow the warm up and cooldown listed on the PDF.

With this P90X Plyometrics list, you’ll be able to take your workout on the road or to your local gym.

It also makes a great conversation starter to get your friends and fellow gym rats involved in Beachbody (and Beachbody Coaching). There’s always someone who has wondered what sort of intensity this foundational P90X workout brings, and here’s the perfect time to show them.

If you’re struggling with this workout or any program, don’t hesitate to email me and get into one of my free challenge groups. I start them each month and run them to keep you accountable and see you to success.