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Living Healthy Making You Feel Like an Outcast?

When Did We Become the Weirdos?

I’m noticing a trend that seems to be gaining steam in our society.  It seems that more and more people are calling us “weird” or referring to us as “health nuts” because we exercise regularly and actually care what we put into our bodies.  Has our perception of “normal” when it comes to health and nutrition in this country become so skewed that those that pursue a healthy life are now considered freaks?

If I turn down a donut, people often say to me “live a little”.  No thanks, I would rather LIVE A LOT and that is why I make the choices I do.  You have the donut, I’ll take an apple.  You order the fried chicken, I’ll take mine grilled.  You have a gigantic soda, I will have water or Shakeology. Call me a freak, a weirdo, a health nut, call me what you will, it just fuels me.

I don’t eat a perfect diet.  I’m not as ripped as Tony Horton.  In fact, I might even be carrying a little extra body fat around my waist while you are reading this.  You will never see me on the cover of a magazine.  I eat plenty of foods I love and I enjoy a cold beer as much as the next guy.  I do however, take caution to make sure that 90% of what I eat and drink is in the top two tiers of Michi’s Ladder because I love the way it feels to be healthy and full of energy!  Why is it so hard for most of the population to grasp that?

Maybe it’s insecurity or jealousy that causes people to say these things.  Personally I think it is often because it is easier for these people to ridicule our discipline than to create their own. Who knows?  What I do know is that if your “why” is big enough and means enough to you all the negative comments  and eye rolling in the world will not deter you.  My “why” is centered around living the rest of my life with vitality and a high level of energy and I know exercise and proper nutrition will allow me to do that.

Let’s embrace our misFIT status and lead the way to end this awful trend of obesity and complacency