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Kick Your Fears in The Face

Today’s post really doesn’t focus on fitness, although it can certainly apply to it.  Since becoming a Beachbody Coach in 2008 my life has completely changed.  I originally joined as a coach just to save some money on the supplements I was using for my first round of P90X.   I really didn’t intend to get much more out if it.  Most of you know my story so I am not going to recap it in detail here but obviously things evolved into way more than just a 25% discount on Beachbody products.  I have become much more physically and financially fit with Team Beachbody but the changes in my life go so far beyond that.  Seeing opportunity and being put in a position of leadership has forced me to face my fears, many that I didn’t even realize I had and I have grown stronger as a person because of it.  I’ve suffered from fear and anxiety my whole but only now do I understand how much it was holding me back from my dreams.

One of people who I have connected with through being a Team Beachbody Coach is Craig Holiday.  This man has been able to inspire me with his words more than anyone I have met.  He has really made me realize how my fears have held me back from my dreams and have even held me back from dreaming.  I recently heard him speak and he used this acronym (see picture) for fear.

If you approach the fears in your life with this philosophy you will become stronger and grow with each fear or insecurity that you turn to face instead of running from.   Stop letting your fears stand in the way your dreams.  Stop letting your fears keep you from dreaming big.  I no longer do and I intend to keep it that way!