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Insanity Results Men – Michael M


Michael M. just won $500 for showing great determination and using  Insanity® to lose 68 pounds, and by entering the Beachbody Challenge.

Mike’s a special education teacher and he had a pretty powerful why when he realized his health had been suffering:

“I didn’t just want to get healthy for myself and my own family, I wanted to do it for my extended family as well. The primary dis

ability my students battle with is Emotional Disturbance. Most are angry at the world and lack self-confidence. Many of my student’s have never met their biological parent(s) and/or were abused or neglected at a very young age. Often times, they use food as a mechanism for self-soothing, and they gain weight. They have not been taught how to live a healthy lifestyle. I realized that, as their teacher, I was the closest adult role model to many of these kids, and I was setting a poor example.”

…And now he’s setting the best possible example! GREAT JOB MIKE!