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Insanity Behind Brent Smith Weight Loss

Brent Smith, lead vocalist of the hard rock band, Shinedown, found the Insanity workout with Shaun T and lost 70 lbs!

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Shinedown live three times. I first saw them at a small venue in Orlando Florida around the beginning of 2005 and I was blown away, not just by their sound but by their dynamic stage presence, most notably lead singer Brent Smith. I knew immediately they were destined for major success. I was right, they have gone on to sell over 10 million albums in an era when many people “steal” their music.

The next time I saw Shinedown live in 2008 wasn’t such an impressive experience. While still a solid band, Brent Smith had obviously put on quite a bit of weight. The effort and passion was still there but I felt that he struggled to keep up with the songs and seemed out of breath often during the show. Still an enjoyable concert but in my opinion the performance paled in comparison to the one I witnessed a few years earlier.

In 2011, Smith was 222 lbs. and seriously out of shape. He made a choice to get in shape when he saw the Insanity infomercial late one night. Brent Smith not only shed 70 lbs., but also proceeded to go from 36% to 12% body fat and is now in the best shape of his life!

Brent Smith Weight Loss Revitalizes Shinedown

In 2012, I saw Shinedown headline the Uproar Festival in Tampa Florida. They topped the bill that also included rock heavyweights like Staind and Godsmack. The performance Shinedown put on that night was incredible. The overwhelming positive message and the contagious energy level of the band resonated with the thousands in attendance. Shinedown seemed to have been completely revitalized by the Brent Smith weight loss. This was a happier, healthier, more energetic band.

Brent Smith has completed Insanity 4 or 5 times and has even inspired fellow Shinedown band members to “Dig Deep” while on tour with the Insanity workouts.

Brent Smith is now fit and trim. He says he has been singing much better than ever before and he feels he’s a better overall front man. The band is stronger than they have ever been due to the Brent Smith weight loss.

The Positive Influence of Shinedown

I’ve always had a love for hard rock music.  While the music is what helped me discover Shinedown, it is the positive message in their lyrics that have truly resonated with me.  I love music and I don’t just hear it, I listen to it.  I try to get inside the headspace of the writer and the performer and Shinedown’s music is emotional and powerful.   The Brent Smith weight loss story is just another example of Shinedown forging ahead with another positive message.

If you are not familiar with Shinedown, I recommend you start with these  songs to introduce yourself to their music.  Their catalog is much deeper and diverse but this will get you going.

  • Fly From Inside (Opens in Spotify)
  • Second Chance (YouTube)
  • Unity (You Tube)
  • Better Version (Opens in Spotify)
  • Simple Man (YouTube) – Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover – I’m not always big on cover tunes but this is my favorite song of all-time and Brent Smith just completely nails it here.  You can hear the power of his voice.

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