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Insanity 20 Minute Workouts

Furious Pace, Half the Time – Insanity 20 Minute Workouts

Insanity 20 Minute Workouts – Fast and Furious

Insanity Fast and Furious

Ready to get INSANE?
Believe you left everything on the floor with INSANITY? Well, Shaun T believes you’ve got a little more in you. He’s got his team together. And they’re giving it to you FAST and they’re giving it to you FURIOUS. You’ll be digging deeper than you have ever dug before.

Furious Pace. Familiar Moves.
You will recognize many of the moves from INSANITY, but they have all been put into overdrive. Just to be sure you get the most out of your 20 minute workout, Shaun T. even added a few new moves.

Minimum Time.  Maximum Results.
Fast and Furious delivers a 45-minute INSANITY workout in 20 insane minutes. So if you only have time to plead temporary INSANITY, this Insanity 20 minute workout, Fast and Furious is for you. It may be short, but it may be the most intense workout you have done yet. If you think you have what it takes to dig even deeper with Fast and Furious, click below now.

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Insanity 20 Minute Workouts – Fast and Furious – Insane Abs

Insanity 20 minute workouts

Furious moves. Faster than ever.
Shaun T. pushes you through his favorite core and cardio ab drills.  He pushes you as hard as you can go, teaching you how to build up speed while maintaining your control on every move.

Actually, this Insanity 20 Minute Workout is not even 20 minutes. In fact, it’s not even 15 minutes!  However, this insane ab workout will maximize your results in minimal time.



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Insanity – Sanity Check

Sanity Check

Build a foundation. Maximize results.

Sanity Check is a little over 20 minutes but if you want to blast past your limits with INSANITY®, you must first build a solid foundation of control and form. That’s where Sanity Check—Shaun T’s not-so-crazy 26-minute workout comes in.  Shaun T. demonstrates each of the Insanity moves effectively and safely, so you can get the best results possible.

Master Your Form.Shaun T takes you through each INSANITY move step-by-step, teaching you how to control your body and perfect your technique, so you can be ready to go longer and push harder than ever before. And get in the absolute best shape of your life.

Hit the ground running. Keep refining your skills.
Sanity Check gets you pumped up and prepared to take on your full 60 days of INSANITY. Sanity Check also continues to refine your skills every time you use it. It’s a workout you’ll want to keep reaching for again and again!

Here are just a few of the ways Sanity Check maximizes your results:

  • Doing Sanity Check daily for one week before starting 60 days of INSANITY is a great way to prepare your body and mind for the challenges to come.
  • Use it again as you transition out of Month 1 of INSANITY to learn Shaun’s next-level moves in Month 2.
  • Use Sanity Check to keep working on your form and technique, getting a full workout every time you do it!

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