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Healthy Food List: Ultimate Guide to Simplify Your Diet

Healthy Food List: The Ultimate Guide to Simplify Your Diet

Why Do I Need a Healthy Food List and What Beachbody Programs Work With It?

The health quest that brought you to this post is probably a result of confusion and distaste for trying new foods. I can help you end that confusion with a healthy food list. You may be looking to simplify your eating habits or just find new ideas for food. But confusion is at the root. In the modern world, there are too many “healthy” choices. Unfortunately, most foods that claim to be healthy – not all – just aren’t. A healthy food usually doesn’t need to advertise its health benefits.

There is an average of 47,000 products in a supermarket, according to consumer reports. Is this anything besides ridiculous? The average food product has to compete heavily with other products to get your attention. To this end, they often make some pretty bold claims. Sometimes they’re true, such as in the case of Shakeology, but most of them aren’t being 100% honest.

So what are you supposed to do? Educate yourself on healthy choices, and use a healthy food list created by the experts. Beachbody happens to have experts on hand and have created the ultimate healthy food list, complete with portion control (when you get the program). The Hammer and Chisel Food List and the 21 Day Fix Food List are both a great option when searching for that elusive healthy food list. But confusion isn’t the only culprit of failed diet changes, trying new foods is tough too.

You may find that following a food list like this is asking you to try things you haven’t before. This is okay and part of any healthy change. Embracing new foods is part of embracing a healthy lifestyle. In the end, you have to ask yourself what you want more, to eat junk or be healthy. You cannot have both. This list is a comprehensive list of healthy foods. This means fresh, wholesome and without added artificial ingredients and sugars. Sometimes you must choose between the food you eat and the way you feel and look. If you want to feel and look your absolute best, you may need to embrace new, healthy foods.

Healthy Food List

21 Day Fix and Hammer and Chisel

The 21 Day Fix is a program designed by Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody to help you lose weight correctly and quickly in 21 days. But it does more than that, it shows you how to maintain those results with the use of Beachbody programs and Shakeology. The program combines nutrition, portion control and exercises in a simple format to help you succeed.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is the combined effort of Beachbody, Sagi Kalev, and Autumn Calabrese to help build, shape and tone your muscle while helping you lose weight and get in shape. It is the absolute best way to build an incredible body and get healthy.

Healthy Food List and Beachbody Programs

The Hammer and Chisel Food List and 21 Day Fix Food List both come with their respective programs. These lists are designed to take the guesswork out of what to eat and how much. But you can always use this list with other Beachbody programs as well, so long as you bet the portion control containers or have a good understanding of portioning. However, I recommend having and using the portion control containers.

Does This Healthy Food List Work for Both Programs?

The short answer, yes! The long answer isn’t much different. This healthy food list is designed to work with the portion control containers that come with both the Hammer and Chisel program and the 21 Day Fix program.

Do I Have to Count Calories and What if I Don’t Like the Foods?

No! You’re more than welcome to do it, but in no way is it required. The fact is, diets often become overcomplicated and are too strict to follow. This healthy food list, in combination with the portion control containers from Beachbody, makes dieting simple and effective. This healthy food list won’t guarantee you will stay on your diet, that’s up to you, but it makes the process simple and easy to follow.

The hardest part of using this healthy food list is getting used to new foods. But isn’t this all about transformation? If you want to transform your body, you’ll probably have to transform your diet into a healthy one. This means trying new foods and being open about healthy changes. Ultimately, if you want change, you have to change. Change means your exercise and eating habits. Do I wish I could sit around on the couch all day eating chips and still get ripped? We have to do things that are tough, and one of those things is eating new foods. Eventually, your tastes will change, and you’ll love your new diet. Push past the fear of new foods, just like you push past the pain of the workout.

Do I Have To Exercise With The Hammer And Chisel Healthy Food List Or The 21 Day Fix Food List?

No, it’s not required that you exercise to eat right, but the healthy food list does its best work when you pair it with an excellent Beachbody program. Exercising and eating right are two sides of the healthy lifestyle coin. Exercising is fairly easy to figure out, but figuring out what to eat can be hard. In the beginning, or even later on, during your healthful transformation, it is sometimes best to allow a healthy food list guide your shopping and eating. Focus on your exercise plan first. Make lifestyle changes in an organized and methodical way. Doing too much at once can derail your best efforts. Instead, download the 21 Day Fix food list, the Hammer and Chisel food list or this combined healthy food list.

Where Can I Get this Healthy Food List?

Right here, free. But come back and let me know how it works for you. Want to simplify your diet even further? Check out Shakeology, one of the healthiest things you can eat with over 70 superfoods in one delicious shake.