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Equipment Needed for Body Beast

Equipment Needed for Body Beast

This article will discuss the suggested and required equipment needed for Body Beast. While you can do most of the Beachbody workouts with simply body weight and some resistance bands, that’s not true for Beast Mode.

What is Body Beast?

You probably already know it’s a program to increase muscle mass, but it’s more. It’s a program designed to target specific muscle groups with hypertrophy exercises to maximize size. Hypertrophy is just a fancy word for increasing muscle size. There are other programs better suited for creating strength, endurance, and agility. Body Beast is all about size. And size matters.

To get size, you’ll need to know the equipment needed for Body Beast.

Equipment Needed for Body Beast

Everything, including what you see in the next section, may be necessary. Your goals determine what you need. If your goal is to get huge, in a good way, then you need all the tools available to maximize your results. But if you’re looking for a bare bones list of what you need, here it is.

  • Dumbbells. These are a must have for the lifter. You can get by using a resistance band for business trips or vacation, but at home, you need to lift some weight. There are a few choices, but it comes down to two: PowerBlocks and the Bowflex Selectech. I have another post that goes into more detail about these two.
  • A Solid Bench. I’d recommend a portable and convertible bench like the Powerblock Bench. But you can get creative. A bench helps you isolate a particular muscle. Instead of your body stabilizing the area you’re working, like in a curl, the bench does the work. This lets your body focus on the specific muscle group the exercise targets. This isn’t recommended if you’re looking for serious bulk. Not required by the program, but needed for results.
  • Pull-up Bar. Whether it’s the P90X bar from Beachbody or a piece of pipe you’ve bolted to the wall, you need to do pull-ups. Not 100% required by the program creators, but 100% needed for bulk.

Recommended Equipment for Body Beast

There are a few additional items I would recommend you pick up before you start this program. The program doesn’t require them, but they are HIGHLY recommended.

  • An EZ-Curl bar and plates. To get correct form and isolate the muscles you want to bulk up, you’ll need the help of an EZ-curl bar from Beachbody. It helps isolate the muscles you’re working to maximize size.
  • Pull-up assist. Three resistance bands with a stirrup to stand on and a clip for the bar, this little guy will help you get more reps with good form. Over time, you should use this less and less, but a great help in the beginning.
  • Yoga Mat. When is it not a good idea to have a yoga mat around?
  • Stability Ball. If you don’t have a bench, this works, but fair warning, you’ll lift less and work your core more.
  • Resistance Bands. Great on trips and a good backup if you can’t use a pull-up bar that day.
  • Push-Up Stands. Because your wrists are important and, the range of motion you get from stands can help build those muscles.
  • SHAKEOLOGY!!! “But Chad, Shakeology isn’t equipment.” Of course it is! It’s equipment for the cells of your body. You can train all day with the best gym equipment on the planet, but you can’t out-train a bad diet. You NEED Shakeology to maximize your results. Eat clean, eat healthy, eat for size.
  • Body Beast WorksheetsIt is crucial that you track your weights and reps with Body Beast.  My new and improved Body Beast worksheets are highly effective and free to all Team Beachbody account holders.

Parting Shot

Sagi, the creator and trainer in Body Beast, sums it all up nicely. “You want to get big? Lift big!” If you want to get big, lifting big requires the right gear. The equipment needed for Body Beast is the equipment that gets you to your goals. Determine your goals, create a plan, get the gear, and then go to it.

What are your goals and how did you get there? Share any DIY home gym ideas that helped you reach your goals.

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