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P90X vs. P90X2

What are the differences between P90X and P90X2?

With the release of P90X2, lots of people have been asking me what the differences between P90X and P90X2. I have attended a live preview P90X2 in Los Angeles and was recently on a webinar and a phone call with Tony Horton as he explained the P90X vs. P90X2. A ton of research and development went into the creation of P90X2 to make sure it is on the cutting edge of fitness! P90X2 will pick up where P90X left off with muscle confusion but will also feature the latest in applied exercise science including P.A.P. (Post-Activation Potentiation) exercise sequences.

Looking at P90X vs. p90X2 is interesting for sure but in reality, P90X2 is an extension of P90X. P90X2 will confuse your muscles (and probably your brain at first) in some new and exciting ways.

New moves, new workouts, new diet guide, 5 days per week, shorter yoga and a new attitude. P90X2 is not necessarily “P90X Harder” it’s more like “P90X Different” and as a result it will feel harder at first. The chart below outlines P90X vs. P90X2.

P90X vs. P90X2



Price $119.95 DVD – $119.95Blu-Ray – $149.85(Bonus and Deluxe Kits Available in Both Formats)
Cardio 3 Workouts Dedicated to Cardio (Kenpo, Plyo, Cardio-X) No specific cardio workouts. Cardio is integrated into the workouts.
Days 6 or 7 Days/Week 5 Days/Week
DVDS 13 Disc DVD Set(12 Workout DVD’s & 1 Intro) 14 Disc DVD Set
Equipment Needed Pull Up Bar and/or Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Mat. Optional Equipment – Yoga Blocks, Power Stands Pull Up Bar, Dumbbells and/or Resistance Bands, Foam Roller. Optional Equipment – Medicine Balls, Yoga Blocks, Power Stands, Pull-Up Assist, Weighted Bars. Includes a “Hotel Version” for travelers or those with limited equipment
Level Intermediate – Advanced Advanced (Recommended You Complete P90X, ChaLean Extreme, Insanity, Asylum or Turbo Fire First)
Nutrition Guide 1 Guide With Options Based on Caloric Need 27 Guides in One, Including Paleo, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Options
Philosophy Muscle Confusion Muscle Confusion and Post-Activation Potentiation.
Yoga 90 Minutes 65 Minutes

Don’t take it from me though. Listen to the man himself, Tony Horton explain how P90X2 is part of the evolution of his home fitness movement as well as P90X vs. P90X2. You will also get some behind the scenes details on how P90X2 came to be on this audio recording.

Listen Now >> Tony Horton Explains P90X2 and P90X vs. P90X2.