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Inspiration Here: Spina Bifida, Wheelchair, No Match for Mary B.

Mary B’s Body Gospel results and her success with Insanity is proof that not all successful transformations include washboard abs. Mary’s incredibly inspiring story has earned her an extra $500 in her pocket as a Beachbody Challenge winner.   Check out her incredible story in her own words:

“I was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that affects the spine, and left me paralyzed in a wheelchair. For most of my life I did physical therapy and was able to walk with braces. Then the doctors told me I was getting too big in my hips and legs. After all my progress, I was crushed. I just gave up. I lost my desire to move, so I stayed in my chair.

What’s your excuse again?

But I had come too far to stop. With the help of some dedicated people, I started moving again. I drank Shakeology daily and completed Body Gospel. Then I wanted to push myself farther. I chose Insanity® to see if I could complete this high-intensity program using just my upper body. Even though I have to modify, I decided to “go for it.” I want to be fit and healthy to be more independent.

Shakeology® and INSANITY changed my life. Now I am eating healthier and feeling the best I’ve ever felt. My overall cholesterol went down to 199 and my energy’s the highest it’s ever been. INSANITY gave me more confidence in working out from my wheelchair, because my muscles are stronger and I’m not as fragile as others think I am. I’ve lost 14 inches and a total of 17 lbs. For someone in a wheelchair who sits 24/7 and can’t burn calories like others, it’s huge.” – MaryMary’s inspiring spirit and her dedication to these highly effective home workouts prove that limits exsist only in the mind!  Great job Mary!