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Les Mills Combat – Body Combat Videos

Les Mills Combat: The Ultimate In-Home Body Combat Video Program

Les Mills Combat is now available for Team Beachbody members, offering a truly intense and results oriented body combat video workout for in-home use. You might ask what Body Combat is… well, Body Combat is a high intensity workout found in gyms throughout the country where workout enthusiasts can get their hearts pumping and their bodies moving. It combines martial arts with cardio to create a workout that tones & shapes, increases strength & endurance and helps to build confidence as people master the intense workout program. The class is one of the most popular martial arts inspired cardio classes, but what about those who want the same kind of workout at home? That is where the Les Mills Combat comes with an in-home body combat video program that takes all of the best parts of the Body Combat class and turns it into an in-home program that will give muscle tone, sculpt the body, help to give you better strength & endurance and all around give you the confidence to feel like you can take on the world after completed such a high intensity workout.


The Les Mills Combat is the ultimate in-home body combat video program.

It offers mixed martial arts cardio in an entertaining and invigorating way. You will learn to punch, kick, swing, strike and block with the best of them, but all from in the comfort of your own home. Finding the time to go to the gym isn’t always in the cards whether you’re a busy mother of three, a business professional always on the go or someone who simply prefers a more private workout location. The beauty of Les Mills Combat, the in-home body combat video program, is that you no longer have to schedule a Body Combat class into your busy schedule; instead you chose when and where you pop in the Les Mills Combat video.

Sculpting your body, building strength and mastering a high intensity mixed martial arts inspired cardio workout is at your fingertips in your very own home. Who says that an intense Body Combat video program has to be restricted to a gym with a live class instructor? With the Les Mills Combat video you can learn from the best without ever leaving your own home. If you want an in-home workout video that gives you chiseled abs, toned arms, sculpted thighs and tight buns, take a look at what the Body Combat video program can do for you.


Order Les Mills Combat – Body Combat Videos now and fight for your fitness!