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Body Beast Women’s Results: The Proof

Body Beast Women’s Results: Not Just For Guys

Body Beast is not just a program for men, these Body Beast women’s results show us all the proof. Body Beast was designed by international body building champion Sagi Kalev to be the best in home body building program. Period. For anyone! Many programs offer weight lifting, but none offers a way to create and sculpt muscle like this. The program has been designed with variations for those with slightly different goals: build muscle, tone, strengthen, get lean, or all of these!

Why Body Beast?

The program is ideal for everyone, especially women. The Body Beast women’s results shown here illustrate that women have a much harder time putting on muscle due to a simple lack of testosterone, so you’ll get a bit of size, tone, and sculpt. Judging from this video, and the before and after pictures you see here, you shouldn’t fear the weight bench. This program gives you the muscles you want in the places you want them while shredding the fat away.

Unlike other Beachbody fitness programs which focus on cardio or a combination of cardio and weights for all around fitness, Body Beast focuses only on weight. Instead of doing one exercise on each part of the body every weight day, you’ll focus only on one (and occasionally two) muscle groups with heavy weights and sets designed to promote size. A typical routine involves five days straight of weight lifting with one cardio day and one rest day. Each of those five day’s hits one area: arms, back, legs, chest, shoulders. You’ll get results because your muscles won’t have any other choice.

In women the results are clear. Just look at the before and after photos. You’ll tone, sculpt, and strengthen.

What About Nutrition?

Body Beast comes with a complete nutrition guide. Here’s where you get to set yourself apart. What you eat is just as important as what you lift when it comes to gaining or sculpting. If you feed your muscles the right kind of calories at the right times, you’ll add muscle. If you change it up, you can promote tone and sculpt. Body Beast is best with clean nutrition like Shakeology and performance enhancing supplements like the Beachbody Supplements.

Body Beast Women’s Results Look Good.

You cannot deny the Body Beast women’s results. Too often women are afraid that lifting big is going to make them bulky. It’s a myth. You’d have to do some serious training for a seriously long time. Women lack the testosterone necessary to gain huge amounts of muscle quickly. It is not impossible to get huge, but it takes far more effort and time than most can or is willing to commit. So forget any fears of getting bulky.

Want your next 90 days to transform you like it did with these women? Contact me today for free coaching. I can help guide you through the same transformation with Body Beast and Shakeology in my proven Challenge Groups.

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