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Body Beast Lucky 7

The Body Beast Lucky 7 is now available to purchase individually here!

The Body Beast Lucky 7  workout uses seven intense and compound moves stacked into seven pyramids, to recruit more muscle fiber—in less time.  If you ordered your Body Beast Package from a Team Beachbody Coach (like me) you should already have the Body Beast Lucky 7 workout as it is a free bonus for Team Beachbody members.

I have found the Body Beast Lucky 7 workout to be a great compliment to the main Body Beast package.  It’s an intense, right to the point, full body workout.  It’s great for those days when you feel like you need a total body pump or you just need to mix it up a little.

If you are looking for The Body Beast Tempo workouts,  go here.

Order Body Beast Lucky 7 Here!


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