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Body Beast on a Budget

Getting Beasty for Less

I absolutely love Body Beast!  As someone who has always struggled to add muscle mass, Body Beast has proven to be my favorite Beachbody program.  In addition to the awesome  workouts designed by Sagi Kalev, the complete of Body Beast Supplements makes it much easier to ingest quality calories.  Of course, you will still have to eat A LOT to truly pack on some muscle.

Food Preparation Sucks

I cannot stand the kitchen.  Maybe I am a weirdo but I hate preparing food and I hate grocery shopping.  I do know however, that nutrition is the NUMBER ONE FACTOR in your success with any program.   Through my several rounds of Body Beast I have settled on the basics.  The easiest to prepare bodybuilding foods… at least for me.  Heck, most of these don’t even require recipes!  I prepare these foods to give me meals for at least 5 days in about an hour.  Get in the kitchen and get out!

Guess what?  In most cases, these happen to be the most affordable Body Beast foods!  I have compiled a list of my favorites below.  Stock up and then prepare your meals for the entire week on Sunday (or pick a day that works for you)!  Use glass or BPA free, microwave-safe containers and store your meals separately in your refrigerator.  No excuses!   As with any program, your success will depend largely on your ability to plan and prepare your meals!

Top Affordable Bodybuilding Foods

★ Canned Tuna
★ Eggs (choose high omega-3)
★ Lean ground beef
★ Lean turkey
★ Lean chicken
★ Nut butters
★ Whole-grain breads and pastas
★ Cottage Cheese
★ Legumes (beans, lentils, etc.)
★ Bananas
★ Oats
★ Brown rice
★ Whey protein-based supplements (like Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake)
★ Sweet Potatoes