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Best Post Workout Shake Ever?

Best Post Workout Shake Ever

Tony Horton combines his two favorite supplements to create the best post workout shake ever!

For the average person trying to get themselves in better shape, post workout nutrition can be a bit of a riddle.  There are many theories out there but when it comes to these matters I trust my mentor, Mr. Tony Horton.  He recently put this recipe together to create “the best post workout shake ever”.  Tony uses the P90X Results and Recovery Formula to provide the protein, simple carbs, complex carbs and electrolytes to help with recovery to be able to come back the next day ready to crush your workout.   The second player in this hard-hitting combination is Vanilla Shakeology which delivers  a nutrient-dense, power-packed serving of superfoods and more protein.

This post workout shake has quickly become my favorite post workout shake.  To me it tastes, like an orange creamsicle desert.  I actually feel it tastes much better than just the P90X Results and Recovery Formula alone.

✔ 5 ice cubes
✔ 1 cup almond milk
✔ 1 scoop P90X Results + Recovery Formula
✔ 1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology

Mix in a blender and enjoy the best post workout shake ever!

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