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Aging Well – Another Reason I Love Shakeology!

Aging well is a big part of my why!

I have mentioned for awhile now how aging well has been a big part of why I push play every day and feed my body with proper nutrition.  All of a sudden the big 4-0 is not so far away and at my age I am starting tos ee a noticeable difference between my peers who have lived a healthy lifestyle and those that who have not.  I’m not just talking about appearance, I am also referring to aches, pains, prescriptions and doctors’ visits.  I know that proper nutrition is the biggest key to aging well!  The last 20 years of my life have flown by and I know the next 20 years will go even faster.  I want to maintain the same quality of life and that is one reason I love Shakeology.

Please watch this video in which Dr. Kevin Kane explains why uses Shakeology to help support him in aging well.

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