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Unhealthy vs. Healthy Body Scan Photos

So often in the fitness industry the focus is on getting “ripped” or becoming “sexy” and understandably so, that appeals to human instinct.  However, as these body scan photos illustrate, for many (probably most) people, living a healthy, less painful, higher quality life is a far more important goal.  The body scan photos above compare images of a 250 lb. woman to that of a 120 lb. woman.  The weight here in numbers is irrelevant. Toss those numbers out the window!  We have no idea what the height of these subjects are.  I am not suggesting that 120 lbs. is an ideal weight for a woman.  It may be, it may not be depending on height. Look at these body scan photos simply as unhealthy vs. healthy. Numbers aside there are several important things to look at here that relate to living healthy and enjoying a high quality life.

Key Points of Body Scan Photos (Left Image)

  • High level body fat (especially in waist area)
  • Fat around the heart
  • Lower bone density
  • Misaligned shoulders
  • NO space between knee joints
  • Significantly larger intestinal tract
  • Extreme bowing of the ankle joints

Maybe looking at the scale, reading the tape measure, or looking in the mirror isn’t enough to motivate you to get moving. Perhaps these body scan photos will be what you need to get you to take serious and consistent action!  Better yet, if you are already “bringing it” on a regular basis, maybe these photos might be the wake up call someone you care about needs!

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