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Power 90 Results – Tobias Fransson – Sweden

Tobias – Power 90 Success Story

Tobias Fransson Goodbye Photo 2009-12-10

By Tobias Fransson of Sweden

Back in December 2009 I found myself being overweight, infact I have never been that big or heavy in my entire life. Eating Pizza, Candy & drinking Red Bull while sitting behind the computer or watching movies during the weekends had become my normal routine.

I realised that I had “given up” all hope of ever getting fit and getting back into the shape I was in 2005 wich was the last time I went on the quest to get some 6pack or 8 pack abs.

I realised another thing as well. I realised that given how my lifestyle was developing I was heading towards even more overweight, shortened lifespan of having little energy and not being able to do all the things I want to do in my future life.

I had been wanting to mature and take responsability for my bad (read super lazy cooking/eating habits) & not working out for about 3 years prior to december and just to give you an example just how lazy I was I even gave it a good thought that maybe I had a medical condition or a tumor in my stumach.

Fortunately I realised just how lazy my thinking and routine had become and that I had to make some drastic changes or I would get stuck in this lifestyle for a long period if not forever.

I cancled my gym card invested into a workout at home program + equipment, got another work position at work where I stepped down from 12hour shifts & 60 hour work weeks to an average 8-5 gig working monday to friday.

I started saying no (and actually being able to) skip candy about 1/4 of the times I was grocery shopping. Every time that would happend I would high 5 myself and pat my shoulder saying GREAT GOING Tobias!

I also started working out as soon as I got home from work leaving me with more free time at the end of the evening. This discipline of saying no to candy soon transformed into saying no to Free alcohol, cookies, birthday cakes, candy and quite a lot of other unhealthy things to such a degree that several of my friends told me that.

Wow Tobias! Your disciplined.

With discipline & working out on a regular basis while gradually adjusting my food intake to a healthier intake the results weren’t slow to show and about 6 months afterwards (2010-05-14) I was amazed at the result some determination could bring.

During my first workout period my results were:


Fat burnt: 10kg
Muscles gained: 1.33kg
Waist measure: -14cm
Total weight loss: about 8.5kg

Fat burnt: 22 lbs
Muscles gained: 2.8lbs
Waist measure: -5.5 inches
Total weight loss: about 19.3lbs

I am in the best shape of my life and for once I feel that earning a 6pack or 8pack abs is within Striking distance. The first top photo is a “Goodbye” photo to a person that doesn’t exist anymore and I am looking forward to my second workout period that starts with my entry into a fitness compeition.

I have an ambitious goal of getting below 10% total body fat while maintaining my muscle mass and I will work hard to get there because I know that the greatest price I will earn when I get there isn’t a Trip, Ipod or other such price gadgets but rather being super proud of myself, my accomplishments & my body which is the grandest price I could ever hope to earn because no one else can give it to me but myself.

If you take anything with you from my success story it should be that YOU CAN transform your life. I did and I have a lot to thank Zillafitness & Chad for. Thanks a ton Chad for helping me get into the best shape of my life!

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