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Teachers Wanted

Are You a Fitness-Minded Teacher Looking to Supplement or Replace Your Current Income?

I am currently looking  teachers who would like to leverage their passion and knowledge for teaching, along with their motivational skills into a second (or primary) source of income as a member on my team of  coaches.

While this opportunity for teachers involves helping others get healthy and fit, it is NOT a requirement that you are a fitness or nutrition expert or that you have ripped abs.  The only true requirements are that you are interested in living a healthy lifestyle and that you care about others.


As a teacher myself, I greatly enjoyed being significant in the lives of my students but I found myself having to take on a variety of “odd jobs” just to make ends meet.  What was most frustrating to me was that while I had summers off, I didn’t have the necessary income to truly enjoy that time. The Beachbody coaching opportunity has been the solution for me. I can now live the life I want to while still being significant in the lives of others.  Being a Beachbody Coach allows me to continue helping people become fit while setting my own schedule and working from ANYWHERE!

Above all, being part of the Beachbody Coach community allows me to stay closely connected to like-minded, positive people who enhance my live every single day.  Being a coach also helps hold me accountable for my own health and fitness because I have to lead by example!

Why Am I Looking Specifically For Teachers?

★ Teachers are passionate about everything they do!
★ Teachers are extremely hard-working!
★ Teachers are UNDERPAID!
★ Teachers are creative and resourceful!
★ We will already have a common bond and will work great together!

Watch this video and if you are serious about joining my team, fill out the form below!

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