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Rockers Wanted to Get Paid to Help Other Rockers Live Healthier!

I am proud to say that I have been a rocker and/or a “metalhead” since I was a kid.  There is simply no other type of music that motivates me or resonates with me like hard rock and metal.  Though I usually favor classic metal like Queensryche, Maiden, Priest and Dio, I love all types of rock music from Cinderealla to Amon Amarth.  I don’t think much about all the different “sub genres” like “thrash metal”, “hair metal”, “dark metal” and all that stuff.  To me, it’s all rock and it’s all great!

Hard rock is a passion of mine.  Fitness is a passion of mine.  I have been earning an income as a Beachbody Coach for years but now I am now looking to meld those passions together to help others live healthier and happier with a TEAM.  To do this, I figure I am going to need at least twenty other fit-minded rockers to form an unstoppable team.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of musicians that have influenced over the years.  Here are just a few:

From Top Left: Micheal Wilton (Queensryche), Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth), Chris Jericho (Fozzy, WWE), Todd LaTorre (Queensryche, Crimson Glory), Lajon Witherspoon and Morgan Rose (Sevendust), Scooter Ward (Cold).

From Top Left:
Michael Wilton (Queensryche), Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth), Chris Jericho (Fozzy, WWE), Todd LaTorre (Queensryche, Crimson Glory), Lajon Witherspoon and Morgan Rose (Sevendust), Scooter Ward (Cold).

Below I will outline why I am looking specifically for rockers and metal lovers.

Rockers Are Dedicated

There is no more dedicated and loyal fan base than hard rock and metal fans.  Our bands don’t get much love from radio stations or mainstream media anymore.  Still, the beat goes on undeterred.  In an era when “nobody” buys albums, hard rock and metal records still debut high on the charts.  Festivals still draw huge crowds and nobody sports their “colors” like we do with our concert t-shirts!  This dedication and loyalty could be a huge asset to help others and to build a successful home business.

Rockers Help Each Other


Rock concerts are like family reunions for me.  We might not know each other all by name but I routinely see the same people at the concerts I go to.  A smile and a handshake or maybe just an exchange of the “horns” is usually the standard greeting.  There are never plans to meet, there doesn’t need to be, when you show up you know you will be amongst friends.  In fact, I often go to shows by myself because I know once I get inside the venue I will be with hundreds or thousands of my friends, whether I know them or not.  It doesn’t matter if you are thousands of miles from home, if you go to a rock concert, you will feel at home!

This opportunity is first and foremost about helping people.  Rock and metal fans have a passion for helping people.  Don’t believe me?  Next time you are at a concert with a “mosh pit” watch what happens when someone is knocked down.  I promise you that people will scramble to help that person to their feet.  That is just one example.  Next time you are at a show keep your eyes open and you will see plenty of compassion.

Rockers Are Driven

Rockers and metal fans are driven.  If we were not, we would listen to weak pop music.  That is all I am saying about that.

We Don’t Care What Others Think

Rock and metal fans never apologize for our love of this music, nor should we.  As a professional I have seen the eye-rolling and the skepticism from those who just don’t get it.  Likewise, any time you start a new endeavor,  there are going to be doubters, nonbelievers and “haters” who for some reason, seem like they want you to fail.  Who cares?  I’ve had success with the exact system I will show you and so have thousands of others.  Use these comments from doubters as fuel and don’t let them become limiting beliefs.

We Are Getting Fat and Unhealthy!

The hard rock and metal community is a microcosm of  North American society.  Just like all of our peers who don’t love cool music, our community is currently locked firmly in the grips of obesity epidemic.  I am not just talking up about taking up more space in the crowd, this is about longevity and quality of life!  Health problems like diabetes and limited mobility are just a few of the nasty realizations that many of our friends will be facing.   The simple fact is fit people are happier!  Fit people enjoy concerts more!  Fit people recover better!  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you can’t tip some back at your concerts, it’s about how you generally spend your days.  If you have a passion for living healthy and you want to earn an income helping other rockers do the same, you owe it to yourself to take a look at becoming a member of my team.

If you have a desire to earn more income and a SERIOUS passion to help others please fill out the form below and watch the video on the next page!