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10 Rounds

Step into the ring to torch fat, scorch inches off your waistline, and get shredded in just 6 weeks.

Real Boxing, Without The Impact

Fast fists, fast feet, shocking results

You’ll learn powerful punching combinations while you work your whole body. You’ll put your total focus into each jab, cross, roll, uppercut, hook, one after another, until you realize you’re sweating off serious calories. Power starts at your feet, intensifies as you activate your core, and explodes through your fists, giving you a deep muscle burn that will get your body lean and ripped.

Strengthen Your Core, Every Workout

One goal: reveal those abs

Joel will sculpt your body and get you “lean & mean” with bodyweight moves that all target your core. Give it full intensity for a flab-blasting cardio spike that will tighten your midsection and scorch pounds. It’s work, but you’ll be building real, usable strength and mobility that will make every punch harder and more powerful. Push yourself and you’ll get knockout results that are visible and hot!

Resistance Training Makes It A COMPLETE Program

Sculpt and define with weights

Each week, you’ll dedicate one workout to Upper Body and one to Lower Body, using dumbbells to strengthen and tone your muscles and rev your metabolism. This isn’t just about packing on muscle weight—you’ll be getting stronger as you get leaner, and the strength you build will help you bring even more power and intensity to your boxing workouts.