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Power 90 Workout Schedule

Use the Power 90 Workout Schedule to track your progress

The Power 90 workout schedule contains two phases.  For the first phase you will be doing Sculpt Level 1-2, Sweat Level 1-2 and Ab Ripper 100.  When you progress to the second phase you will amp up your workouts with the more challenging Sculpt Level 3-4, Sweat Level 3-4 and Ab Ripper 200 DVDs.

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There is no clear cut transition period from phase to phase.  Everyone is different and you must listen to your body.  You should push yourself through the entire 90 days but when you feel the phase 1 workouts are no longer challenging you to your fullest like they were in the beginning of your journey, it is time to move on to the next phase.   I have setup two different Power 90 Workout Schedules for you that should suffice the needs of the vast majority of those doing the Power 90 workout.

No matter which Power 90 workout schedule you choose, only you can keep your foot on the accelerator!

The “Beginner” Power 90 workout schedule has the transition set after 6 weeks, which is halfway through the 90 day program.  This would be ideal for someone who has never worked out regularly before or has not done so in a very long time or is starting at a relatively low fitness level.

The “Intermediate” Power 90 workout schedule I made transitions to phase 2 after just 4 weeks.  This Power 90 workout schedule would be suited to those who are familiar with working out regularly, have just taken some time off or anyone who advances quickly through phase 1.

The Power 90 Workout Schedule works great with my Power 90 Worksheets!

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