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PiYo Workout Schedule

Define Yourself With The Piyo Workout Schedule

PiYo by Chalene Johnson is the home fitness program that uses your body to sculpt your body!  PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-strengthening moves of Pilastes with the flexibility and strength-building moves of yoga.  Chalene cranks up the speed to bring you a fat-burning, low-impact workout that helps you define your body and define yourself!

The PiYo Workout Schedule – No Weights.  No Jumps.  Just Hardcore Results.

As with all Beachbody programs, PiYo was designed very carefully.  From the workout calendar to the nutrition plan, everything was put together to help you achieve optimal results.  I highly encourage you to follow the PiYo workout schedule as it was designed and resist the urge to modify it!  Some workouts in the PiYo workout schedule are going to be harder than others.  That is a good thing!  Usually the workouts you struggle with are the ones you need the most!


The PiYo Strength Schedule

Sculpt muscle even faster with the PiYo Strength Schedule.  This will require a separate purchase of the PiYo Strength DVD.  Once you have that you can follow the PiYo Strength schedule to build, long. lean muscle and strength ever faster.

The Hybrid PiYo Workout Schedules

With the release of the PiYo workout comes two new Beachbody hybrid schedules!  The P90X3 Piyo Hybrid Schedule and the T25 Piyo Hybrid Schedule allow you to combine your PiYo workouts with workouts from two of Beachbody’s most popular programs to tailor your schedule to suit your goals and preferences.

A PiYo and Body Beast Hybrid?

Sounds crazy but it’s here!  In addition to the Piyo hybrid schedules above, I have created the Piyo Body Beast Hybrid Schedule!  This was done to satisfy my own needs.  I love lifting heavy for mass with Body Beast but I constantly found myself becoming sore and stiff while seeing my mobility and flexibility suffer.  The Piyo Body Beast Hybrid Schedule allows me to keep lifting heavy with Body Beast while still feeling great because of the Piyo workouts.

Follow the Piyo Workout Schedule and Plan Your Workouts in Advance!


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