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Piyo Body Beast Hybrid


Why the Piyo Body Beast Hybrid?

Because I needed it.  Plain and simple.  I made this one for me and my specific needs but if it helps others, that is GREAT!  I admit it seems like an odd combination but my needs are pretty specific.  I have been dealing with serious low back pain for over 20 years.  In fact, my chronic back pain is what got me started on this whole Beachbody ride to begin with.  P90X did for me what doctors, physical therapy, pain killers and gadgets could not – it all but cured my back pain.  Now, several years later I have fallen in love with Body Beast.  The problem is that every time I get toward the last third of a 90 day Body Beast cycle, my back pain flares up terribly and I end up regressing.  Enter Piyo.  I first did the Piyo program coming off of a very long vacation where I had let myself go a bit and you guessed it… the back pain and general stiffness returned.  Piyo completely realigned my body and relieved my pain and stiffness!  I also found Piyo to a very fun workout program!  Now in my 40’s, I know my body quite well.  The reason P90X relieved my pain was because of the yoga and stretching workouts and all of the core work and stretching that is built into every workout.  Piyo was a savior for me because of the core and flexibility work along with all of  functional movements.  Body Beast has a some core work but very little flexibility moves.  Body Beast is designed to get huge! Period.

This Piyo – Body Beast Hybrid schedule will allow me to enjoy my love of lifting heavy while still maintaining my core strength and overall flexibility which will in-turn aid my back and my quality of life.

WARNING: This is a Compromise

By following the Piyo – Body Beast hybrid, you have to understand that you are going to sacrifice results in one area at the expense of gains in another.  For example, you cannot expect to gain the same amount of mass with this Piyo – Body Beast hybrid as you will one of the classic Body Beast schedule.  Likewise, you will probably not (or you just might anyway) get as lean and flexible following the Piyo-Body Beast hybrid schedule as you would doing a classic Piyo schedule.  In short, it’s hard to add and subtract at the same time.  This is why you see bodybuilders have a period of bulking before “cutting” when their shows get close.  This compromise doesn’t concern me much.  I am not focused on a certain weight or specific measurement on my biceps.  To me this about a balance of strength and quality of life.

Of course, nutrition plays a HUGE role in your results and can be tailored toward your goals but that could be a whole other article.


The Design

I am sure there other Piyo – Body Beast hybrid schedules out there but I was determined to create my own.  This is not just because I have specific goals, but because I see some hybrids out there that honestly make me cringe.  Creating a workout schedule out of two separate programs is not as simple as just mixing and matching at will!  Exercise is architect but rest is the builder!  It is crucial that each specific group of muscles gets at least 24 hours rest before getting hammered again.  For example, you would never want to follow up Body Beast – Bulk Legs with Piyo – Define Lower.  Setting up a schedule that allows for the required amount of rest while still moving toward your goals is difficult.  In fact, I can almost guarantee you that I will tweak this schedule as I go through it and you will see several revisions from me.


Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev are combining to bring you The Master’s Hammer and Chisel!

Recovery Weeks

Along with weaving Piyo workouts with Body Beast workouts, I have also included two “recovery weeks” (ala P90X).  This again, was for my own needs.  I feel one reason for my success with P90X were those week-long breaks from lifting weights.  Here I do add one day of weights just to maintain that pump but the rest of the recovery weeks are iron-free.


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