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Physical Education Teachers Wanted!

Are You a Physical Education Teacher Looking to Supplement or Replace Your Current Income?

Want to help educate and coach others about health and fitness and make the money you deserve? I’ve successfully leveraged my skills and expertise in the fitness field to give myself a five figure supplemental income and reduced my retirement age by at least ten years. Now I’m looking for other Physical Education Teachers to guide through the steps that got me here. Why specifically physical educators? Because I am one, and we are passionate about fitness, hard-working, creative, resourceful, and of course, underpaid. Because we can capitalize on our strengths and eliminate our liabilities, together.

The sad irony in a country where obesity is on the rise is that physical education jobs are on the decline. Moreover, the jobs that are available just don’t pay. Physical educators often supplement their income with odd jobs or after school coaching – still not paying enough. I was in that position, taking odd jobs to afford a summer vacation I never could take. No longer. I’ve created my own business, doing what I love – turning students of all ages into motivated and healthy adults – into a business for my financial independence. It has worked, and I want to show you how it can work for you.


Why would I do that?

Because my success hinges on your success – my business is all about creating a healthy and fit world with a team of people who want to be healthy and share it with others. I partnered with Beachbody, the most well-known fitness company worldwide, to turn my dream of financial freedom into a reality. To do that, I just use the skills from the classroom together with my global client base and the backing of $100 million annually in marketing from Beachbody. Because this works, and it works best when shared.

I’ll guide you through the process since I only succeed when you do. It takes hard work, determination, patience, and a passion for a healthy world. As physical education teachers, we are quite familiar with hard work and determination. We are passionate about our work, turning students into motivated and healthy adults – why not turn that passion to a practical purpose?

We can enjoy our summers. We can have financial freedom. There is a solution.

The solution is The Beachbody Coach opportunity. I now live the life I want, while still being significant in the lives of others.  Being a Beachbody Coach allows me to continue helping people become fit while setting my schedule and working from anywhere! Being a Team Beachbody Coach means earning an income while leading by example to encourage others to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.  To be perfectly honest, there is a good chance you are doing most of what a good coach does already. You might as well get paid for it

So, if you are looking for:

  • supplemental income
  • a summer job that pays residually
  • complete financial independence
  • a better outlook for retirement
  • just want your own independent business

Contact me today and I’ll help start you down the road to financial freedom and success.

If you are serious about joining my team, enter your information and hit the “Learn More” button below!

PE Teachers and Coaches Wanted!

I'm looking for 5 P.E. teachers to join my team and earn supplemental, residual income by helping others with their health and fitness online. This has been the PERFECT fit for me and has allowed me to give myself a 5-figure raise which has bridged the gap from a teacher's salary to a life by design. Only seriously driven individuals need apply. Thanks!
  • Motivated PE Teachers Wanted

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