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P90X2 Schedule

Printable P90X2 Schedule (PDF)

The P90X2 schedule continues the philosophy of muscle confusion we saw in the original P90X schedules.  For P90X2 the principles of adaptation, mastery and recovery are continued but the P90X2 schedule allows for more individuality.  The P90X2 schedule is designed to let you get the most out the the program based on your agenda.  Each training phase and recovery period is designed so it can be tailored to your specific needs.

The P90X2 schedule gives you a variable amount of time to choose how long each phase of your program should be.  Each time you do P90X2 you may have different goals in mind . There are no specific recovery weeks built into the P90X2 schedule.  Instead, you are encouraged to work in a recovery week when you feel you need it.

I consider P90X2 to be the unsung hero of the P90X series.  I think the flexibility and variety in the workouts is a major asset to the program.  Personally, I found the use of the foam roller to extremely beneficial to my overall health.

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