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P90X Plus Schedule

P90x Plus Schedule

Bring It to The Next Level with a Printable P90X Plus Schedule

P90X+ is a set of workouts you can use to amp up muscle confusion and take things to the next level after you have completed P90X. The P90X+ (P90X PLUS) workouts include intense new cardio, muscle chiseling, and ab/core-ripping moves to help you smash through plateaus and keep your muscles guessing.

I’m a big fan of having tracking my progress through each program visually on a single piece paper. For this reason, I created a P90X Plus schedule in PDF form that you can download and print so you can have a fresh copy each time you go through the program.

The P90X Plus schedule combines some of the original P90X favorites with the newer, more advanced workouts.

Don’t worry, plenty of your beloved P90X workouts like Core Synergistics, Plyometrics and Ab-Ripper X will still be in the mix but they will be complemented by new workouts like Interval X Plus, Total Body Plus and Abs/Core Plus just to name a few. The P90X Plus schedule is not for anyone who is timid about their fitness and I definitely recommend that you finish a full round of P90X before attempting the P90X Plus schedule.

Read below to receive my custom printable P90X Plus Schedule.

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