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P90X iPhone App

Effective September 18th, the P90X App is free for a limited time!

Check out the P90X App for iPhone!

Now you can take your P90X workouts and Tony Horton with you wherever you go! No more excuses. I’ve been hoping and wishing for a P90X app for the iPhone every since I purchased my iPhone a few years ago. The waiting is over and the app is everything I was hoping it would be and more! Now you can track your P90X journey at the gym, while traveling, at your fit club or wherever you are.

The P90X app comes with the option buy “guided workouts” (Fit Test and Ab-Ripper are free with the app) which are video clips of Tony Horton demonstrating the moves from each workout. While, this is a great option, there is a misconception out there that they are needed to make the P90X app useful. This is completely untrue! The simple “track workout” feature allows to enter your reps and weight for each exercise as you complete them. The “track workout” feature also includes a complete list of the moves in the workout along with the time it should take to complete. The guided workouts are outstanding and are a great add-on but most experienced P90Xers could do fine if they want to forgo the additional purchases.


Get the P90X® App for iPhone® and will be able to:

• Auto-schedule your workouts
• Record your reps, sets, and weight for each P90X workout
• Push through plateaus with customized progress reports at day 30, 60, and 90
• Automatically sync your workout data with the SuperGym
• Track your daily nutrition and calorie intake
• Stay motivated by earning badges for meeting goals


How to Use the P90X App:

1. Create a Team Beachbody account by clicking the button below, a membership is needed to use all of the features of the P90X app.

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2. Go to the iTunes store here and purchase the P90X App.

3. Once installed login to your Team Beachbody account that you created above, to do so, tap on the “More” tab and then “Settings.”


Have Questions About the P90X App?

Check out the P90X app FAQ