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P.E. Game: Battleships

PE Activity Battleships

Battleships is a perennial favorite with my elementary physical education students, especially during the brutally hot months here in Florida.  I use this activity with Pre-K through 5th grade and I am sure it would work with middle and high school as well with simply adjusting the distance between mats (a.k.a battleships).

Version 1: 2 Teams – ABANDON SHIP!

This is the version my class loves the most but it’s tough to do with groups larger than 24.  In this version of the game, there are two teams with each team having 3 battleships.  When a ship is “sunk”, players must yell “abandon ship” and quickly move to another ship on their team.

Version 2: 2 Teams – Submarine!

I created this version to use with groups in which one team would not fit on a single mat.  In this version, when a ship is sunk, players must yell “Submarine” and drop to their knees.  They can still play the game but must fire the “torpedoes” from a kneeling position.

Version 3: Free for All!

This version of the game features each battleship attempting to sink each other.  You cannot take out pins from the teams directly to the right or left of you until the teacher yells “free for all”.  Players kneel when they battleship has been sunk.  Their team can no longer win the game but they can still attempt to knock down opponent’s pins.

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