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Overcoming Obesity: The Revolution in Tennessee

Two years ago Richard Neal weighed 426 pounds and was “wanting, waiting and praying to die”.   Not unlike many areas on the USA and Canada, obesity plagued his community and was killing off his family.  He decided NOT to be a victim and took action to change his life and to change his community.  He joined the Beachbody Challenge, started Power 90 and moved on to P90X losing 242 pounds and inspiring thousands in the process.  I was in the room the night he was awarded the Beachbody Challenge grand prize and I can tell you there wasn’t a dry eye there, especially when he told Tony Horton “you saved my life.”



Sometimes an entire revolution begins with one spark!  Whether you need to lose 200 lbs. or you just need to become healthier, the first steps are the same.  Please contact me if you are ready to start.  If not now, when?

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