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Morning Routines

Each new morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you start rushed and stressed, chances are you’re going to feel the same way throughout the day. Learning ways to start the day with calm and less stress is a goal for many, and it takes some effort.
Here are five morning strategies for highly productive people.

1. Plan ahead.

Prepare for your day the night before. This includes clothes, lunches, work, and homework packed up and ready. Many people start their breakfast the night before also. Have fruit already cut, try making overnight oats, put everything for your protein shake in the blender the night before except the liquid. Some coffee pots have timers that allow you to set it to brew. The more you take care of before you go to bed, the less you’ll have to do in the morning.

2. Get your blood flowing.

Most often, trainers recommend a morning exercise routine. If you’re not the workout kind or time is limited, take a brisk walk alone or with your dog. Fresh air and sunlight will lift your mood and give you energy throughout the day.

3. Eat.

It is essential to start your day by fueling your mind and body with a healthy breakfast.

4. Don’t let the tech take you down.

It’s too easy to get derailed by emails, social media, and text messages. Resist the urge to scroll. Yes- that is hard to do, but try to limit it.

5. Delegate.

Delegate tasks to your children or your partner. That way, you gain time to do what needs to be done.
Get the most out of your mornings and set the tone for a calmer and unstressed day.