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Mango Tango

Are mangos a part of your food intake or are they only island treats?

Mangos have polyphenols the are said to help breast cancer and colon cancer along with a big dose of Vitamin A and C for the immune system. In addition, they have antioxidants the body needs. They may help with skin health, eye health, and heart health, while aiding digestion.

Buying Mangos

A ripe mango often smells both aromatic and fruity, especially near the stem end.

Search for mangoes with a smooth skin, without blemishes. Look for mangoes that feel heavy for their size. Gently squeeze the fruit. You want it to be firm, but give slightly when it is ripe.

Ripe mangoes are typically yellow and a light peach in color. Some are a light orange and slightly red color too. Green on the mango is a sign it is not ready.

For Easy Access

Slice off the sides, score the flesh with a knife, and scoop out the fruit.
Kids on the islands grab them from the trees, squeeze and roll the fruit in their hands without cutting.

Ways to use Mangos

  • As a fruit by itself
  • In a smoothie
  • In a slaw
  • In a fruit salad
  • In a salsa
  • With oatmeal or yogurt
  • It is a great flavor for popsicles or homemade gelato.

Don’t skip having mangos around. They may be what your family is missing.