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Make Your Own Fitnessgram Curl-Up Strips

How to quickly an inexpensively create your own Fitnessgram curl-up measuring strips.

We have all been there my fellow P.E. teachers.  It’s Fitnessgram testing season and you have put off the most time-consuming and frustrating test of all, the curl-ups, off to the very end.  The standard test kit provides you with Fitnessgram curl-up testing strips to use to administer the assessment, but let’s face it, they are not that efficient.  Probably like many of you, I have far more than 20 students at one time.  Sometimes I have as many as 60 and testing one student at a time with curl-ups just isn’t practical.

These D.I.Y. Fitnessgram Curl-Up Test Strips are More Efficient!

Unlike the standard Fitnessgram curl-up test strips, where you can only test one student at a time, the Fitnessgram curl-up test strips that you can make on your own following the steps below, will cover the length of a standard gym mat, allowing you to test 4-5 students at once.  Plus, the “sticky” nature of the cupboard liner material you will use, makes it much easier for the students to feel where their fingers should be at both the “up” and “down” cues of the Fitnessgram curl-up cadence.  You will be able to make multiple sets of Fitnessgram curl-up measuring strips using this technique.

How to make your own Fitnessgram Curl-Up Strips:

Using slide-resistant cupboard liners for Fitnessgram curl-up strips:
1. Purchase cupboard liner – approximately $11.95/roll. This brand works great!
2. Measure 3″ strip for under 10 YOA and 4.5″ for 10+ and mark with Sharpie
3. Cut strips along length of cupboard liner
4. Place on mat – should cover 8-foot mat to allow 4-5 students to do curl-ups at once. (Have helpers hold strip in place)
5. Roll tightly and wrap with a rubber band for easy storage!
6.  Let me know how it works for you by emailing me!


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