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Joel Freeman’s 8X8 Worksheet

Joel Freeman's 8X8 worksheet

Joel Freeman’s 8X8 Worksheet: Track your weights and your progress!

Joel Freeman’s 8X8 worksheet coincides with the workout of the same name that is available exclusively on Beachbody on Demand and is a total body strength workout, utilizing an Olympic bar, to increase power, strength, speed, and range of motion.  Checking in at just 23 minutes, this workout is a fast and efficient way to challenge major muscle groups with some intense work and then get on with your day.

This Joel Freeman’s 8X8 worksheet has been highly anticipated.

Ever since I unveiled my new and improved Body Beast worksheets, I have been getting countless requests to create a worksheet for Joel Freeman’s 8X8.  It seems that this workout has really resonated with Body Beast fans and Joel Freeman fans alike.  I get that because I am one of them.

Joel Freeman's 8X8 workout worksheet download pdf

What I Love About The Joel Freeman 8X8 Worksheet:

My favorite part about the Joel Freeman’s 8X8 Worksheet and the workout, in general, is that you can use a straight bar, an Olympic bar, or dumbbells.  You can switch your equipment up each workout, by exercise or however the heck you want!  I do recommend using the same equipment for the same moves for at least 3 weeks in a row so you can track your increases in resistance using the Joel Freeman’s 8X8 worksheet.

You will notice on the worksheet that a “db” indicates that you used dumbbells, while “b” indicates you used a barbell with weight plates.


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